Yoga Workshop

During a Yoga Workshop we will dive deep into the alignment of the different yoga poses, focus on how to mindfully move from pose to pose and how to link the breath with each pose. We will also have time to work on any specific goals or concerns you might have, or work around any injuries.

During a Yoga Workshop, we can work on things like the placement of your hands and feet in your down dog. On what angle the back foot is supposed to be in a Warrior I v/s Warrior II. How to do a Chatturanga without collapsing in your shoulders or your lower back. Or maybe you have a special request, a pose you want to work on? It can be inversions, arm balances, binds or anything you have your heart set on. Or if you have a specific goal, whether it be strength, flexibility or meditation. I can also incorporate a few different breathing techniques. Maybe you heard the yoga teacher talk about the Ujjayi breath, Three-Part Breathing or Kapalabhati Breath, but you never really got the hang of it. We will work on that so you can start to incorporate breath into your yoga practice and your meditation practice.

If you ever taken my yoga classes you know that I love alignment, and I want to share all of this with you! With proper alignment and the right focus, you will be able to stack your bones, use your muscles correctly and no longer hang in your joints. And when you link the poses with breath you will start to move more effortlessly.

A Yoga Workshop is perfect for beginners to learn the basics of yoga – and for advanced practitioners who wants to take their practice to the next level. It is also great if you feel intimidated by a big group class or if you want help to get your own home yoga practice going. I will help you so you can just roll out your mat at home, or wherever you are, and get your yoga in everyday no matter what’s going on in your life.

I work in the Hartford, CT area, but will travel for an additional fee.
RATE: $35/person. Minimum 10 people.

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