Mala Repair

Eventually all malas will need to be re-strung. But  just know that if and when your mala breaks it just symbolizes a broken karmic cycle. It’s a sign to bring new intentions into your life as your current ones no longer serve you.

I will re-string your mala for free if it breaks for no reason within a year from purchase, but you need to follow these gemstone care “rules” for this to apply. And also, you need to still have all the beads. I do not re-string for free if you slept with your jewelry, forced your mala around your wrist, went swimming or showered with it, exposed it to chemicals or had a child or an animal break it. Read more about Jewelry Care here.

  • Restring mala fee $35 (free within six months of purchasing).
  • Restring bracelets fee $5 + (free within three months of purchasing).


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