Learn how to Meditate

A lot of people are intimidated by meditation. They think it’s weird, to hard or time consuming and that you have to be a “certain way” to be able to pull it off. But I say: if you can sit down and if you can breath then you can meditate!

By Petra Axlund Stegman

Meditation is simple – but not easy. Just like with everything else you need to practice and you need to priorities to get it into your daily routine. I’ve had a regular meditating practice for more than 15 years now. I prefer to meditate the first thing in the morning. Before I look at my phone or open my e-mail. If I start scrolling or checking messages my brain goes straight into “work mode” and it makes it hard to stop the mind from drifting and me thinking about everything i have to do that day.

Usually I sit in silence but some days I put on some music in the background. My tip is to choose music with no lyrics, or lyrics in sanskrit, and with a melody that is not over powering. Sounds of the nature also works really well. You just want something soothing in the background. Another good thing with music is that you can pick a song that is say 20 minutes long, and then you don’t have to worry about how long you’ve been sitting or feel the need to look at the clock. You just meditate for the whole song. Chanting is also pretty cool, that’s when you pick a song where they repeat a mantra and you sing along. Read more here.

I also firmly believe it is important that you create a sacred space for yourself and your meditation practice in your home. It can be a meditation room, but it can also be a corner in your bedroom or inside your walk-in-closet. Here you will create an altar that you’ll decorate with things that are important to you (it does not have to be Buddha statues and crystals, it can be a framed photo of your loved once, a flower or whatever). Read more here.

In the beginning of your meditation practice (or just days you feel that you need it) it might be easier for you to do a Guided Meditation. Then you’ll have someone talking you thru the whole thing, to help you stay with your breath and stay present to what is. I offer a FREE Guided Meditation every Saturday at 11:45am-12:15pm at The Yoga Shop of West Hartford. You can come and take my class LivFree Foundations before (10:15-11:30am) or just show up for the meditation. No experience needed! I also offer a Meditation Workshop where I come to you and teach you how to meditate. Do you have questions about meditation, or do you want to hire me as your Meditation Coach? Just e-mail me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

DE-CLUTTER YOUR LIFE GUIDED MEDITATION. Guided Meditation with focus on letting go and being more present. The meditation is about 15 minutes long, followed by 10 minutes meditation music for either a quit seated meditation or Savasana. Buy this meditation here. Listen to a sample here. $4.99.



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