Creating a Meditation Altar

This weekend I was teaching a Pranayama and Meditation for The Yoga Shop 200h Yoga Teacher Training program. It was so much fun to share my passion of breath and meditation! And I found out that it was not just me teaching them, every single one in the group was teaching me something. It is really true: if you want to learn, then teach! During the meditation part I talked about the importance of creating space for yourself. To create a physical place that is your meditation place. It can be a meditation room, but it can also be a corner in your bedroom or inside your walk-in-closet. And I also believe it is important that you create some sort of an altar. This is just a way for you to make space for your meditation, and create a place of gratitude, contemplation, mindfulness and inspiration. You can choose whatever you want to put on your altar. For me personally, I choose statues from the Indian tradition, like Buddha, Ganesh and Shiva and Tibetan prayer flags, bells, singing bowls, incense, crystals, mala beads, a dream catcher, a Himalayan salt lamp, photos of my teachers, a large stack of oracle- and affirmation cards and inspirational books. Hanging over my altar I also have the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series poster, two quotes/words of wisdom from His Holiness Dalai Lama and my Shakti Nail Mat. But you can put whatever your love and whatever is important to you on your altar. Framed photos of your family, plants or flowers, beautiful decoration items … it is your altar so you are the boss! I choose to put a shelf on the wall, but you can also use a low table (get a side table from a thrift store and cut the legs off).

This is where I do my daily morning pranayama practice, my home yoga practice, my meditation practice and journaling every day. I turn the salt lamp and twinkle light lantern on, I burn an incense, I put on some music, play my singing bowl and * B O O M * I am in my Zen place. This is for sure my happy place, where I feel calm and centered and happy – and it is a place I want to return to every day.

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