My Essential Travel Tips

Summer is almost here and some of us are getting ready for that well deserved vacation. I used to be a travel journalist – back in the days I had more than 250 travel days per year and I’ve been to somewhere around 60+ countries around the world. So I have my fair share of long flights, long layovers in boring airports, bad airplane food and lost luggage. So therefore I thought I might share my very best and very essential travel tips with you guys. At the bottom of the list I’ll there’s a downloadable PDF for you guys that you can print and put on the fridge.

  1. Pack a comfortable neck pillow, eye mask, noise cancellation headphones (or earplugs) and compression socks. Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers (never fly in high heels or flip flops). I also bring thick fussy socks and a big cardigan or hoodie, because I always gets chilly on board.

2. Turn you clock to the local time at your final destination when you first sit down on the plane. Mentally you are on their time right away. Remember if you have a layover anywhere you need to set your clock at their time, so you don’t miss your connecting flight.

3. If you have a layover somewhere in the world before reaching your final destination – pack a change of clothes and essentials you need. Like sunglasses, shorts, tank top, flip-flops, bathing suit, sarong and so on. So if your luggage gets delayed along the way you’re still ok until it arrives.

4. Download a bunch of your favorite playlists, audio books and podcasts to access offline. Bring a book if you like to read.

5. Pack a travel container with organic coconut oil, this is the best moisturizer or hand cream ever. It’s also a great makeup remover.

6. Bring your favorite calming essential oils. You can get one of those mini bottles with a roll on tip, perfect and easy to apply as needed.

7. I always travel with a mini spray bottle filled with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Great to spray on face as a toner before moisturizing with the coconut oil. Your skin feels awake and refreshed. ACV is antibacterial so it’s perfect in stinky old airplane sneakers, as bacteria killing deodorant or mouth wash. I always pour one tablespoon in my drinking water. It gives you a boost of energy by restoring your body’s pH level.

8. Pack a mini facial spray, organic facial towelettes and your favorite eye cream. Great when you get ready to “go to bed” and make you feel fresh when you wake up or land at your destination. Hand cream and lip balm is also on the essential list.

9. Bring a bunch of capsules of Activated Charcoal. They help with gas and bloating (which happens to all of us due to the drop in cabin pressure when the plane takes off, and the air in your intestines expand). They also normalize your system after a long flight, it can help with digestive issues, to fight jet lag, and help your body with detoxification.

10. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. The air in the cabin isn’t humidified, which leads to dry skin, chap lips and dry nasal passages. So remember to drink a lot of water, right before take-off and throughout the flight. Try to avoid any coffee and alcohol aboard since they will dehydrate you.

11. On long flights, try to move around as much as possible. When you’re sitting for hours your body has a hard time pumping blood from your legs back to your heart. And stagnant blood can pool in your legs, upping your risk of a blood clot. But the good news is that when you are standing up or walking around the blood gets pumped right back to your heart. Thumb rules is try to walk around in the aisle once an hour. Also do simple seated stretches, like roll your ankles, lift up and down onto your tippy toes, flex and relax your calves and clench and spread your toes. Chair yoga poses like seated cat-cow, seated spinal twist, shoulder and neck rolls, leg lifts, arms over head stretches are great. When you are standing up you can do a few slow crescent lunges. If no-one is right behind you try walking lunges in the aisle.

12. Don’t forget a mini toothbrush and mini toothpaste. Nothing beats the feeling of newly brushed teeth before and after you “go to bed”.

13. It can be hard to fall asleep on an airplane. Natural “sleeping pills” with Melatonin or Valerian can be a lifesaver. A tip is to try the pills at home before the trip, some people can get a headache or upset stomach – nothing you want to happen on your trip.

14. Bring your own tea bags so you can have a cup of calming sleepy time herbal tea before bed (chamomile is really great). And then pack a few bags of your favorite breakfast tea for when you wake up. Just ask the stewardess for hot water.

15. Herbal Zap is a lifesaver. I always carry the Immune System and the Digestive Support in my bag when I fly (or just having a hectic day). They are ancient Ayurvedic herbal supplements that resolves right away in hot or cold water. They help with digestion, boosts the immune system and helps to eliminate toxins. They are non-GMO, vegan and gluten free.

16. Pack a few Organic Quick Oatmeal packages. Just ask the stewardess for hot water and you have a hot, filling and yummy meal or snack. Pack the oatmeal in a small cup with lid, and that will be your bowl on board.

17. Pack a few small packages of spirulina powder. You can mix it with water or coconut water for a great hydrating drink. Great if you don’t have access to fresh fruit and veggies. Spirulina has a ton of chlorophyll and algae to keep you alkaline throughout your flight. If you’re not into the green powder I recommend Super Greens from County Farms. It’s made with vegetables, kale, spirulina, wheat grass and algae – but also mixed berries so it tastes really good.

18. Pack Justin’s Organic Almond Butter. They come in single serving packages. Just open and squeeze into your mouth or on a whole wheat cracker. Healthy fats that fills you up.

19. When it comes to food you can bring anything aboard, as long as it is in the original and unopened package. Great things to bring as a snack is an avocado, fruit, hummus with mini carrots or crackers. Homemade trail mix, nuts and dried fruits are also great snacks.

20. Bring your own big water bottle and ask the stewardess to fill it up, or buy a big bottle at the airport (after the security check in).

Download my travel tips as a printable PDF!


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