30 Day Challenge Is Done!!!

I DID IT!!! Can you believe it! 30 days and 465 things. That is really something, right!? And if you did the challenge with me – a huge congratulation to you!!! It feels pretty spectacular, right?! I don’t know about you but this has been, in lack of another word, life changing. In 30 days I changed the way I see things, how I look at the stuff in my house, I learned to detached, to not hold on to things because of memories, guild, what they cost, where I bought them or any other attachments. I only have things that I use, need or love. Well, there are obviously still things in my home that I don’t need, use or love. But I have just started this journey and I am not stopping now. This was just the beginning. As I told you a few days ago, my plan is to keep this up and get rid of one thing per day. My minimalistic journey towards a simple and happy life has just begun!

1 pillow, 1 plastic storage box, 1 plastic bin, 1 vase, 1 metal container, 1 shirt, 1 neti pot, 1 bed sheet, 1 video camera, 2 boxes of hair colors (yes, this is going in the hazardous household bin), 1 un-lockable fire safe, 3 body oil samples, 1 bracelet, 1 box with no lid, 2 yoga tops, 2 flower pots, 4 Panini press griddles, 1 cabinet stand, 2 Pyrex containers and 2 cat bowls.

Do you want to learn more about minimalism? Check out my De-Clutter Your Life E-Course HERE.

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