Almost Impossible To Let Go Of Certain Things (But Not Really)

One days and counting. Today was a struggle. I walked around my house feeling like “no there is nothing here I can’t live without”. And “I have already gotten rid of the things I didn’t need, use or loved”. So then I went back in my mind to day one when I decided to do this, remembered why I am doing this and how I want to feel in my life and in my home. And then all of a sudden it was easy. Or at least not as hard. Like I would be lying if I said this challenge has been easy. It has been hard, almost impossible, to let go of certain things.

1 shoe rack, a bunch of hangers, 1 heat blanket, 1 cat bed, 1 lamp, 2 plastic storage thingies, 1 cat bed, a few garden herb signs, 1 mail holder, 3 note books, 1 wobbly iPhone tripod stand, 1 curtain hooks, 4 steel hooks, 1 paint bucket, 1 bin filled with hooks, random screws and stuff, 2 wind shims, 1 rubber bands, 1 steel wire, 1 party flags, 1 elastic rubber band, 1 pair of shoe insert and 1 wooden box.

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