Look At All This Space I Created

Two days and counting. It’s like I wake up every day saying to myself “can you believe I’ve done this challenge for X days now”. But I mean really, can you believe it? I am seeing all the space I created in my home and I feel all the space I created in my mind – so I can believe it! But it is still just as amazing. This is an experience I wish everybody could experience. And you know what I found out … I have way too many boxes, plastic bins and storage stuff around now. With less stuff you don’t need to worry about how too store it. I have heard people say “yes, I have a lot of stuff but everything is so well organized”. But the stuff is still there, right? Even if they are perfectly put in really nice and expensive boxes from the Container Store. We think of clutter as something messy right? But it can still take up space in your life and in your mind in fancy boxes. You still know it’s there. You still paid for them, maybe on credit. And you had to spend all that money on organization boxes. Also paid on credit? And then all the managing your stuff. Cleaning your stuff. Thinking about your stuff. So even neatly organized stuff that you don’t need, use or love is clutter!

So in my pile today are three storage bins. I no longer need them. 3 plastic storage bins, 2 cabinet stands, 1 paint roller, 1 hot pan holder, 2 small clip boards, 2 glass jars, 1 soda can holder, 1 broken hot glue gun, 1 French press, 1 tea maker, 1 eye glasses case, 1 glass lid, 1 spray bottle, 2 lotions, 1 mascaras, 1 eye liner, 1 big lantern, 1 essential oil diffuser, one mini paint roller and 3 paint samples.

Do you want to learn more about minimalism? Check out my De-Clutter Your Life E-Course HERE.

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