I Feel Light And Free!

Three days and counting. Today I am feeling a bit sad that this challenge is almost over. Well, maybe “sad” is a strong word. But I am truly enjoying this challenge and how it makes me feel. It’s like I am on an emotional and spiritual weight loss program if you know what I mean. But I am not losing anything, I am gaining something. Peace of mind. A feeling of being calmer. Every piece of clutter that leaves my house makes me feel lighter and more free. And I want to keep that going. I am not talking about getting rid of all my stuff and living like a monk with only seven earthly possessions. Not at all. I am not suggesting we all live in empty spaces with no belongings. I for one will still have a lot of books. I love to read and it is something that brings me a lot of joy. And I love books as a interior design element. Like what is more beautiful than a wall to wall bookshelf filled with books? For you it might be something else. Maybe you love game shows and you have them on a beautiful display in your walk-in closet. Maybe it’s your collection of porcelain frogs (I don’t know, I’m just making things up here). But what I am saying is whatever it might be, if you truly love it and it brings you joy, then keep it.

In today’s pile of things that I no longer need is: 1 wood cutting board, 3 white flower pots, 1 black flower pot, 2 small pots with lids, 1 butter melter, 4 small cups, 4 small plates, 2 vases, 1 broken bamboo steamer, 2 kitchen towels, 3 mixing bowls, 1 pair of sneakers, 2 cabinet stands and 1 plastic container.

Do you wanna feel light and free? Check out my De-Clutter Your Life E-Course HERE.

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