The “Not Ready Yet” Pile

I totally forgot to post yesterday, so today you get to read about my 30 Day Less Is More Challenge twice. I will post today’s post later this afternoon. At this point in the challenge I find myself worry about the next day. That is new. Probably because I have to try so hard to get the items for this day, that I am thinking, how the heck am I gonna get even more stuff for tomorrow. I am really trying to stay present and not worry. I know I will find stuff. I have things in my “Not ready yet” pile that I can have a second look at. And then, as always when I feel worries, I think about what could happen. Like really. Worst case scenario is usually not that bad when we allow us to think about it. Like all the way, not just stop at “oh my god, I am never gonna make it”. Continue to ask questions. Ok, so you might not finish this thing you started. What will happen then? Probably nothing, right. This technique works in almost all scenarios. Like if you are gonna move. If you are getting a new job. If you just lost your old job. If you are breaking up with someone. If you find yourself in debt. If we really stay on track and not allow our crazy mind to spin, we can see that it is not that bad. The worst thing that could really happen, like absolute worst, would be that the world would end. And it won’t. And all the rest you’ll figure out. So without thinking about tomorrow, I am getting rid of these 22 things today.

2 running jackets, 1 jeans jacket, 1 pink hat, 1 bowl, 1 pack of incense that I don’t like, 1 empty match box, 2 plastic bag storage thingies, 1 old iPad arm holder, 1 wrist key holder, 1 eye glasses case, 1 hand held water bottle, 4 shoe things, 2 pair of gloves, 1 shoe inserts and 2 scarves.

Do you want to learn more about minimalism? Check out my De-Clutter Your Life E-Course HERE.

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