Shoes, Jackets, Scarves …

I can’t believe it!!! Today is day 21 and I just reached the 3-week mark and the total of items that I’ve cleaned out of my home is now 231. Two hundred and thirty-one! It almost causes for a celebration, right? I am still amazed how seemingly easy it is to find things every day. I wake up and thing to myself like no way am I going to be able to find that many things, but then I start looking in a closet, cabinet or drawer and it comes pretty easy. So don’t freak out in the beginning of this challenge that day 21 will be so hard. When you get to that point you will be ready. Every day you prepare yourself and practice letting go. You will be ready.

In today’s pile I put 6 pair of shoes, 6 picture frames (most of them cracked or a bit warped), 2 message boards, 1 broken umbrella, 4 hoods for jackets I no longer own and 2 scarves.

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