It Gets Easier. And Harder.

It is funny who this gets easier and harder for every day, like at the same time. I get more and more motivated only because I can feel how I get lighter for every item that leaves my house. Just the knowledge that my closets, cabinets and drawers get less and less cluttered is such a great feeling. A feeling that really can’t be compared with anything else. The best word I can use to describe it is lightness. A feeling of being less dragged down, less stuff that I need to take care of, less stuff I need to maintain and worry about.

Today I got rid of these things: 2 magazine holders, 1 binder, 1 spice rack, 1 plastic bin, 1 medicine ball, 1 pair of free weights, 1 mini boxes, 2 dumbbells, 4 lanterns, 1 book holder, 1 pair of bike gloves, 1 hair band, 1 yoga game and 1 board game.

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